Solo Show:「A Second in Thousands – 36°19’21″N, 139°01’09″E」 rin art association

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Open 11:00 – 19:00 Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Opening reception 1.14 sun 18:00 – 20:00
Opening performance 1.14 sun 18:00 –

rin art association 1F
MACRO Building 5-24 Iwaoshi-machi Takasaki Gunma Japan 370-0044


この度 rin art association は李豪哲による個展「A Second in Thousands – 36°19’21 “N, 139°01’09″E」を開催いたします。


今展では「A Second in Thousands」シリーズより二つの手法で制作される作品を展示をします。「A Second in Thousands」シリーズは作家のパフォーマンス行為により、鑑賞者と感覚を共有するように作品は完成していきます。







rin art association will have an exhibition of Hochoul Lee’s solo show, “A Second in Thousands – 36°19’21 “N, 139°01’09”E”

Hochoul Lee is an artist who is inspired by the issue of language. He makes art pieces indicating the meaning of uniqueness which is lost by categorization.

In this exhibition, he shows the paintings and installations which is made through the process of the performance creating the texture on the surface of ceramic bricks. All bricks are caved marks of different date and time. The performance is done in a real-time frame to synchronize the marks.

These works visualize the concept and the feature of time with the making process. We hope the audience feels the individualized time via Hochou Lee’s works.