A Second in Thousands

Oil paint, Canvas, Inkjet print / 油絵の具、カンバス、インクジェットプリント
”A Second in Thousands” consists of painting over already printed marks of each number of seconds of time on a series of canvases. When made, artist Lee conducts this in a real time frame to synchronise the marks.
With every repeated motion of his brush stroke, every second creates different textures on the surface, thus each of them acquire their own characteristics, giving them individual names with each second.
In our contemporary environment, we ceaselessly process complicated information, standardised elements or results derived from statistics. This aids in letting us forget each individual characteristic and their uniqueness. 
In this piece, Lee acknowledges these individualities and enables observers to share their weightiness.
“A Second in Thousands”は、キャンヴァス上に一秒ごとに印刷された数字表記による時間の表示をひとコマずつリアルタイムに沿って狂いなく塗りつぶす行為によって制作されます。
Sand, Clay, Metal / 砂、粘土、鉄