Group Exhibition: Only Connect Osaka

ON L Y C O N N E C T O S A K A [ Upcoming show] We are so excited to announce our 4th exhibition ONLY CONNECT OSAKA, at Creative Center Osaka (CCO). For OC OSAKA, we welcomed Soshi Matsunobe(artist) and Hitoko Urago (artist) to be a part of our artist-curatorial team. A holistic landscape in OC OSAKA will be a nexus of contemporary thinkers and practitioners’ creative minds captured by a challenging framework of the show. Our curatorial approach is undeniably dominant and even mischievous in a way, but all participating artists have boldly accepted our invitation and celebrating this unique occasion together with us. Participating Artists Bibah AKHYAR (MY) / Izat ARIF (MY) / Momoko ASANO (JP) / Bakir BAHARUM (MY) / SAI (SG) / Taro FURUKATA (JP) / Ludovica GIOSCIA (IT) / Boyang HOU (US) / Chih-Chi HSU (TW) / Yutaka INAGAWA (JP) / Genki ISAYAMA (JP) / Yoko KAWAGUCHI (JP) / Andreas KRESSIG (CH) / Hochoul LEE (JP) / Michael LEE (SG) / MAIX (collective, MY) / Soshi MATSUNOBE (JP) / Kiyohito MIKAMI (JP) / Mouhitori (artist duo,JP) / Rozana MUSA (MY) / ONG Si Hui (SG) / Tamaki ONO (JP) / Abdul Latiff PADZALI (MY) / Ismail RAHIM (MY) / João SEGURO (PT) / GOH Chai Seng (MY) / Fiona SEOW (SG) / Andrew STAHL (UK) / Hayato SUGII (JP) / Anwar SUHAIMI (MY) / Shooshie SULAIMAN (MY) / Keisuke TANAKA (JP) / TANG Kwok Hin (HK) / Morgane TSCHIEMBER (FR) / Silia Ka TUNG (CN) / Hitoko URAGO (JP) / LG WILLIAMS (US) / Akira YASUDA (JP) / YIM Sui Fong (HK) (*In alphabetical order of artists’ (sur)names / project titles) ON L Y C O N N E C T O S A K A 23 Februarythrough17 March 2019 @Creative Center OSAKA (CCO), Admission Free Friday–Sunday, 10:30–19:00(Last entry: 18:30) Closed on Monday (open on 11 March), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday presented and directed by ONLY CONNECT (Yutaka Inagawa / Mouhitori / Hitomi Kanemoto) + Hitoko Urago / Soshi Matsunobe supported by Chishima Foundation For Creative Osaka, Osaka Arts Council, NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL SINGAPORE design direction: Shoji Katsume (STUDIO NIJI) assisted by Masami Naza, Takuya Sakamoto media partner: Glass Magazine with additional assist from ANOMALY, Baert Gallery, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Hagiwara Projects, VITRINE Gallery, MORI YU Gallery, Komyoji-Kaikan